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2018/02/19   Maldives court delays reinstating pro-opposition lawmakers
2018/02/19   Inmate in landmark Supreme Court case denied parole
2018/02/04   Greek court postpones decision in Turkish extradition case
2018/01/23   Supreme Court sides with police over partygoers in wild bash
2018/01/19   Court seems to favor death row inmate in dispute with lawyer
2018/01/01   Western powers warn Kosovo on changing war crimes court law
2017/12/28   Myanmar court extends detention for 2 Reuters reporters
2017/11/21   Court case exposes rift in Germany's secretive Aldi family
2017/11/03   Top German court strengthens intersex identity rights
2017/09/20   Toys R Us files for Chapter 11 reorganization
2017/09/18   Indian court sentences 2 men to death in 1993 Mumbai blasts
2017/08/22   Raise drives justices to slash funding for advisory council
2017/08/19   French Designer Wins Court Case in Dispute with Brad Pitt
2017/07/07   Court: Energy firm can pass $55M cleanup costs
2017/06/19   Justices could take up high-stakes fight over electoral maps
2017/06/17   After jury deadlocks, Bill Cosby faces 2nd sex assault trial
2017/06/13   West Virginia high court excludes inmates from workers' comp
2017/06/06   Court to hear challenge to speed up California executions
2017/04/30   Idaho Judicial Council accepting applications for high court
2017/04/01   Democrats tighten opposition of high court pick
2017/03/06   NC governor, legislature head to court in power showdown
2017/01/26   Driver due in court in Cleveland officer's hit-and-run death
2017/01/24   Kyrgyz court confirms life sentence for journalist
2017/01/19   Supreme Court to hear case about party in vacant DC house
2017/01/18   Court ponders mass murderer Breivik's prison conditions
2017/01/16   Court ponders mass murderer Breivik's prison conditions
2017/01/15   Supreme Court considers suit over 2001 detention of Muslims
2016/12/20   Court to unseal Clinton email search warrant
2016/09/08   High court temporarily blocks subpoena over sex ads
2016/09/05   Stepmom of scalded boy who died pleads guilty to murder
2016/08/14   Ex-officer charged in death of black motorist back in court
2016/06/09   Bollywood filmmaker challenges censoring of drug-abuse film
2016/05/25   Hulk Hogan, Gawker back in court in Florida
2016/05/23   US appeals court revisits Texas voter ID law
2016/04/25   Stoddard firefighter charged with arson due in court
2016/03/28   Supreme Court rejects Blagojevich appeal in corruption case
2016/03/25   'Bogus beggar' pleads guilty to fraud charges
2016/01/20   High court will hear Microsoft appeal over Xbox lawsuit
2015/12/25   Jeffrey Dahmer's lawyer suspended by Supreme Court
2015/11/17   Snowboarders fight ban at Utah resort in appeals court
2015/11/06   Kansas Supreme Court to take up school funding case
2015/11/03   Supreme Court troubled by DA's rejection of black jurors
2015/10/12   Georgia man accused in hot car death to appear in court
2015/09/21   Court documents quantify impact of gay marriage in Kansas
2015/08/03   Republicans reject governor's pick for Va. Supreme Court
2015/07/20   Wife says Chinese rights lawyer being denied legal counsel
2015/07/12   Court: New health law doesn't infringe on religious freedom
2015/07/06   Legal public nudity; cattle rustling; sheriff pays tax
2015/06/22   High court strikes down raisin program as unconstitutional
2015/06/13   Appeals court sets aside conviction of bin Laden assistant
2015/06/04   Supreme Court to hear Texas Senate districts case
2015/05/18   Court: State can’t order unions, companies to reach binding contracts
2015/05/16   Attorney: Court orders release of anti-nuclear activists
2014/10/28   Court in Va. examines death row isolation policy
2013/07/23   Pitt schools segregation lawsuit in federal court
2013/05/24   Oil leasing dispute heads to federal court
2012/10/10   Court lets stand telecom immunity in wiretap case
2012/09/29   High court uphold WV congressional districts
2012/08/10   NJ court upholds decal law for young drivers
2012/03/01   Back Pay Award Reduced Based on Laches in Class Action
2012/02/29   Indianapolis Business & Corporate Law Firm
2012/02/24   Indianapolis Business & Corporate Law Firm
2012/02/22   A Class Action Has Been Filed Against GNC
2012/02/21   Indianapolis Business Litigation Law Firm - Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP
2012/02/20   Israel top court takes Palestinian detainee appeal
2012/02/13   Indianapolis Bankruptcy Law Firm - Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP
2012/02/02   Miss. high court takes ex-gov pardons case
2012/01/23   US high court: warrant needed for GPS tracking
2012/01/12   Sanford Wittels & Heisler Files Employment Class Action
2012/01/11   Judge halts killer's Ohio execution, scolds state
2012/01/09   Texas electoral maps at issue before Supreme Court
2012/01/02   Chief justice defends court's impartiality
2011/12/30   Federal judge blocks Calif. low-carbon fuels rule
2011/12/28   Appeals court upholds convictions in Fort Dix plot
2011/12/26   Supreme Court rejects Hessler appeal
2011/12/16   Phil Spector to take appeal to US Supreme Court
2011/12/16   Wall St. seeks dismissal of Ala. record bankruptcy
2011/12/15   Previously announced class action settlement approved
2011/12/14   Next ICC prosecutor warns against sex crimes
2011/12/12   City Council in Pa. capital again seeks bankruptcy
2011/12/09   Appeals court blocks cement plant pollution rule
2011/12/07   Blagojevich team says he's guilty, asks for mercy
2011/12/06   ICC seeks information from Libya on Seif al-Islam
2011/12/05   Court: Assange can continue extradition fight
2011/12/01   Man tied to Ohio Craigslist case appears in court
2011/11/29   Calif. salon shooting suspect due for arraignment
2011/11/28   US court won't block its Texas redistricting map
2011/11/22   NY top court clears probe of inflated appraisals
2011/11/20   Texas AG blasts court's redistricting maps
2011/11/19   Federal court issues new political maps for Texas
2011/11/18   Fla. hired law firm with ties to Gov. Scott
2011/11/07   Corzine steps down at collapsed firm, hires lawyer
2011/11/03   High court considers Ga. suit over false testimony
2011/11/02   Court unlikely to allow private prison to be sued
2011/10/26   Justices could talk health care cases on Nov. 10
2011/10/25   US appeals court upholds roadless rule in forests
2011/10/22   Indiana, Planned Parenthood in court over funding
2011/10/21   Artists sue auction houses over royalties law
2011/10/18   Arpaio to testify about failed investigations
2011/10/18   Minn. appeals court upholds $1M U verdict
2011/10/14   SEC backs ban on banks trading for own profit
2011/10/06   Scott Cole & Associates Announces Update for Class Action
2011/10/05   Hogan to be new courts administrative officer
2011/10/04   Court turns away appeal over commandments display
2011/09/16   Class Action Filed Against Former, Current A&P Execs
2011/09/08   Court tosses Sivak's death sentence
2011/08/25   Lawyers wrap up Int'l Court's first trial
2011/08/21   Federal court rejects Houston cop killer's appeal
2011/08/19   Drug company lawyer taped trying to foil lawsuit
2011/08/15   Nigerian who allegedly scammed 80 law firms, lawyers out of $31M extradited to US
2011/08/12   Miss. judge suspended for misconduct
2011/08/10   New hearings sought in Chicago police torture case
2011/08/09   Pozen says Texas court upholds Treximet patents
2011/08/09   Once-exonerated Conn. man ordered back to prison
2011/08/05   Lawyer pleads guilty to $47 million Ponzi scheme
2011/08/03   Buffalo city lawmakers irked by law firm's TV ad
2011/07/28   Health care lawsuit reaches Supreme Court
2011/07/26   Class action lawsuit filed over Antero drilling
2011/07/26   NJ court rules against son in Plain estate dispute
2011/07/25   Court denies motion to stop Loughner medication
2011/07/15   High court sets oral arguments in campaign lawsuit
2011/07/11   Law Firm To Collect $35M In Forfeited Bonds
2011/07/11   Lawyer defends Nevada truck firm in Amtrak crash
2011/07/05   Borrowers sue over apparent loan mod mishaps
2011/06/28   BofA Near $8.5B Deal to Settle Big Investors' Claims
2011/06/24   Toyota class action suit to start with Utah case
2011/06/24   Casino owner cited in complaint against Ala. judge
2011/06/20   Mont. Supreme Court rules against Paws Up
2011/05/17   Ala. chief justice warns more court layoffs coming
2011/05/04   Trump real estate courses didn't deliver, suit says
2011/04/25   High court rejects quick review of health care law
2011/04/18   Democrats criticize hiring of firm for House remap
2011/04/04   Patrick to nominate justice to Mass. high court
2011/03/04   Disgraced Pa. judge wants convictions tossed
2011/02/11   Judge affirms $7.3M verdict against law firm
2010/12/15   Lawsuit seeks to keep 3 Iowa justices on bench
2010/12/03   Transit expert lawyers to help NJ fight tunnel tab
2010/11/28   $450m class action launched against NAB
2010/11/02   Court Appoints Lawyer for Bernard Kilpatrick
2010/10/04   New Supreme Court term opens with Kagan aboard
2010/09/27   Abraham, Fruchter & Twersky, LLP
2010/09/16   Man who tried to fake death pleads guilty to fraud
2010/08/30   DOJ's elite Public Integrity unit gets new leader
2010/08/17   DUI Life Sentence Stirs Debate About Alcoholism
2010/08/09   Children in Dependency Proceedings Need Lawyers
2010/07/29   2 re-sentencings ordered in $1.9B Ohio fraud case
2010/07/20   Wis. justices uphold ex-Jesuit priest's conviction
2010/07/05   Law firm merger activity picks up
2010/06/28   Ore. trial court to reconsider $100M tobacco case
2010/06/21   Securities Fraud Liability May Hit More Defendants
2010/06/16   Law firm: BP claims form flawed
2010/06/10   Court OKs Calif. city's day laborer crackdown
2010/05/24   Appeals court rules against Bagram detainees
2010/04/28   US lawmaker urges action on Russian lawyer's death
2010/04/19   The Shuman Investigates Ormat Technologies Inc.
2010/04/16   Wash. court: Illegal worker status inadmissible
2010/04/14   Law firms seek to represent dead miners' families
2010/04/12   Law firm Mayer Brown lays off more lawyers
2010/04/12   BofA Merrill, Knight Capital, Franklin Templeton
2010/02/25   Law firm 'in contempt' over MP legal threat
2010/02/13   Stigma of home-based firms disappearing as trend grows
2010/01/30   ‘America’s Best Law Firms’ Rankings Are Coming in 2010
2010/01/12   Simmons rated as UK's most gay-friendly firm
2010/01/06   Law firm mergers down 24 percent in 2009
2009/12/23   Judge orders new trial in Chicago patronage case
2009/12/07   Lyondell settles lawsuit brought by unsecured creditors
2009/11/23   Pension drops lawsuit against ACS over Xerox buy
2009/11/02   Jury Rules Against Blue Nile in $60.1 Million Lawsuit
2009/09/28   Burford Capital In GBP200M IPO For Lawsuit Funding
2009/07/16   Goldman Sachs Backs Off Blogger
2009/05/26   Sotomayor nominated to high court
2009/05/26   Recession cuts law firm growth
2009/05/14   Students who paid to attend inauguration sue
2009/05/07   Study Predicts 5 Percent Growth in Legal Spending
2009/04/22   Supreme Court limits warrantless vehicle searches
2009/02/23   Munger, Tolles & Olson Retains Clearwell to lower costs
2009/02/05   Sidley Austin Receives Commitment to Justice Award
2008/12/17   Court: No obligation for company to give teen drug
2008/12/15   NJ Sen. Lautenberg among potential fraud victims
2008/12/01   Court revives Ariz. tribes lawsuit over research
2008/10/30   Anti-gay-marriage groups look for Ariz. redemption
2008/06/21   Supreme Court to review decision on Navy sonar use
2008/04/14   Top Law Schools Tighten Hold on NLJ 250 Firms
2008/03/25   Is Schwarzenegger Serious About Taxing Lawyers?
2008/03/24   Attorney Is Disbarred for the Second Time
2008/03/17   High Court Agrees to Hear Indecency Case
2008/03/13   Attorney General To Argue a Case Before High Court
2008/03/05   Touro chief says law school not for sale
2008/03/05   California Supreme Court in gay marriage storm
2008/03/04   Ex-Alaska Governor's top aide to plead guilty
2008/03/04   Louisiana's new AG probes Foti's last-stand lawsuits
2008/03/03   Campton Hills pays $124,000 to lawyers
2008/03/03   Justices reject appeal by Adelphia founder, son
2008/03/02   Peloton hedge fund to liquidate and close shop
2008/02/28   Law Firm Warns Of Looming Katrina Lawsuit Deadline
2008/02/25   Four law firms dominate school district services
2008/02/25   Supreme Court to hear car search, tribal land cases
2008/02/23   Top U.S. court backs S.F. health care

Maldives court delays reinstating pro-opposition lawmakers
Legal Business | 2018/02/19 22:57
The Supreme Court of the Maldives delayed its order Sunday reinstating 12 pro-opposition lawmakers ahead of a key parliamentary sitting, the latest political turmoil to roil the island nation.

Opposition lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof said the government may call for important votes at a parliamentary sitting Monday to extend a state of emergency or dismiss two Supreme Court judges who have been arrested on allegations of corruption.

President Yameen Abdul Gayoom's ruling party may have lost a majority in the 85-member parliament if the 12 lawmakers were to be allowed to participate Monday.

The Maldives has faced upheaval since Feb. 1, when the Supreme Court ordered the release of Yameen's imprisoned political opponents and the reinstatement of 12 lawmakers sacked after they sided with the opposition.

The prisoners include Mohamed Nasheed, the country's first president elected in a free election, who could have been Yameen's main rival in his re-election bid later this year.

After days of conflict with the judiciary, Yameen declared a 15-day state of emergency and had the country's chief justice and another Supreme Court judge arrested on bribery allegations.

Inmate in landmark Supreme Court case denied parole
Legal Business | 2018/02/19 22:56
A 71-year-old Louisiana inmate whose case led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on juvenile-offender sentences was denied parole Monday, more than a half-century after he killed a sheriff's deputy at age 17.

A three-member panel from the state parole board voted 2 to 1 to keep Henry Montgomery imprisoned. The hearing was his first chance at freedom since his conviction decades ago and a vote to free him would have had to be unanimous. Montgomery now must wait another two years before he can request another parole hearing.

The Supreme Court's January 2016 decision in Montgomery's case opened the door for roughly 2,000 other juvenile offenders to argue for their release after receiving mandatory life-without-parole sentences.

Montgomery has served 54 years in prison for shooting East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy Charles Hurt in 1963, less than two weeks after Montgomery's 17th birthday. Last June, a state judge who resentenced Montgomery to life with the possibility of parole called him a "model prisoner" who seemed to be rehabilitated.

Montgomery's lawyers said he has sought to be a positive role model for other prisoners, serving as a coach and trainer for a boxing team he helped form at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

But the two parole board members who voted against Montgomery questioned why he hadn't accessed more prison programs and services that could have benefited him. One of the panelists, Kenneth Loftin, also said he was disappointed in some of Montgomery's statements during the hearing but didn't elaborate.

James Kuhn, the other board member who voted against Montgomery, noted that the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association submitted a statement opposing his release.

"One of the things that society demands, and police officers certainly demand, is that everyone abide by the rule of law. One of the rules of law is you don't kill somebody, and when you do there's consequences," Kuhn said.

Greek court postpones decision in Turkish extradition case
Legal Business | 2018/02/04 22:42
A Greek court postponed ruling Tuesday on a Turkish extradition request for the second of nine Turkish citizens alleged to be left-wing militants and arrested in November, days before an Athens visit by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Naci Ozpolat, 48, a Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin, is wanted by Turkey on charges of assisting a terrorist organization. He attended the hearing the court ended up adjourning until March 6, saying it needed more information from Turkey.

The nine suspects were arrested for alleged links to the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front, which Turkey, the United States and the European Union have deemed a terrorist organization.

Turkey has charged them with terrorism-related offenses, forgery, arms and explosives possession and resisting arrest. All deny the charges.

A Greek court last week rejected a similar extradition request for the first of the nine on grounds he had been granted refugee status in France. The court said he was at risk of facing torture or other inhumane treatment if he were returned to Turkey.

Supreme Court sides with police over partygoers in wild bash
Legal Business | 2018/01/23 17:02
The Supreme Court sided Monday with police over partygoers in a dispute about arrests at a 2008 bash at a vacant home that had been turned into a makeshift strip club.

The high court ruled that police had sufficient reason to make arrests at the raucous party, which took place in a District of Columbia duplex furnished only with a few metal chairs and a mattress. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in an opinion that police reasonably concluded that the revelers "were knowingly taking advantage of a vacant house as a venue for their late night party."

"Most homeowners do not live in near-barren houses. And most homeowners do not invite people over to use their living room as a strip club, to have sex in their bedroom, to smoke marijuana inside, and to leave their floors filthy. The officers could thus infer that the partygoers knew their party was not authorized," he wrote.

Police officers arrived after receiving a complaint about loud music and illegal activities at a home that had been vacant for months. Arriving officers found loud music playing. Inside the home, they smelled marijuana and saw beer bottles and cups of liquor on the floor. Scantily clad women were performing lap dances while wearing cash-stuffed garter belts. Upstairs, officers found a naked woman, several men, open condom wrappers and a bare mattress.

The partiers provided police with inconsistent stories about the bash. Many said it was a bachelor party, but no one could identify the bachelor. Partygoers claimed they'd been invited to the home but could not say by whom. Two people said that a woman named "Peaches" was the party's host, but she wasn't there when police arrived. Reached by phone, Peaches eventually told police she had invited people to the house but didn't have the homeowner's approval to use the place.

Court seems to favor death row inmate in dispute with lawyer
Legal Business | 2018/01/19 17:01
The Supreme Court seems ready to say that a lawyer for a criminal defendant cannot override his client's wish and concede his guilt at trial, even if the lawyer's aim is to avoid a death sentence.

The court on Wednesday dived into the case of Louisiana death row inmate Robert McCoy. He repeatedly objected to his lawyer's decision to acknowledge that McCoy killed the son, mother and step-father of his estranged wife in 2008.

Lawyer Larry English has said the evidence against McCoy was overwhelming and that the only way to keep McCoy off death row was to beg for mercy. In the end, the strategy failed and a jury sentenced McCoy to death. If he wins at the Supreme Court, he could get a new trial.

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