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2018/01/25   Warrant dropped for professor who spoke Hawaiian in court
2018/01/24   Pennsylvania court throws out congressional boundaries
2018/01/12   Women taking their right to go topless to state's high court
2018/01/09   Florida and Georgia taking water fight to Supreme Court
2017/12/22   Indiana Supreme Court considers eavesdropping case
2017/12/05   Supreme Court declines gay rights work discrimination case
2017/11/12   Trump choosing white men as judges, highest rate in decades
2017/11/09   High court to hear appeal in Newtown school shooting case
2017/10/20   Court, for now, blocks immigrant teen's access to abortion
2017/10/10   NC high court reviews death penalty of man who beheaded wife
2017/10/09   Bosnian court acquits ex-Srebrenica commander of war crimes
2017/10/05   Court sides with board to keep fracking ban issue off ballot
2017/10/03   Court: Movie theaters must accommodate deaf-blind patrons
2017/09/15   FBI Searched Ex-Oklahoma Senator's Office for Porn
2017/09/12   Court sides with teacher fired for sex with 18-year-old
2017/09/11   Challenge to $225M Exxon settlement to be heard in court
2017/08/12   British cybersecurity expert pleads not guilty to US charges
2017/07/18   North Carolina Court to Rule on Law on Gov's Elections Role
2017/07/15   Kansas faces skeptical state Supreme Court on school funding
2017/07/12   Hearing In San Diego Unified Suit Against The College Board
2017/07/04   Indiana high court to rule on Lake Michigan beach ownership
2017/06/25   EU Court: Vaccines Can Be Blamed for Illnesses Without Proof
2017/06/09   Roman Polanski sex victim to appear in court for first time
2017/06/01   East Timor court drops premier's libel case against media
2017/05/31   Kim Jong Nam murder suspect asks her parents to pray for her
2017/05/01   Indiana high court to take up police unreasonable force case
2017/04/20   Conservatives fault Arkansas court for halting executions
2017/04/19   Not guilty pleas entered for accused in Canada polygamy case
2017/04/18   Austrian court: ex-Croatian general guilty of embezzlement
2017/04/15   High court sides with Goodyear in sanctions dispute
2017/04/02   Bangladesh High Court upholds death for 2 in blogger killing
2017/03/04   Court officer investigated for photographing lawyer's notes
2017/03/01   California court expands endangered-species removal powers
2017/02/20   UK court says income threshold for foreign spouses is lawful
2017/02/15   Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear open meetings case
2017/01/08   South Korean executives jailed for humidifier cleaner deaths
2017/01/02   Ohio Supreme Court delays serial killer's execution date
2016/12/21   Ohio's high court dismisses media lawsuit over bodycam video
2016/12/05   Supreme Court takes up cases about race in redistricting
2016/12/04   Philippine court urged to order Marcos' remains exhumed
2016/12/03   UK Supreme Court hears landmark challenge to Brexit plans
2016/12/01   US Supreme Court could hear Charleston company, Lexmark case
2016/12/01   ICC prosecutor: African states leaving court is 'regression'
2016/11/18   Justice Thomas: Honor Scalia by reining in government
2016/11/17   Nevada high court considering email public records question
2016/10/01   Suspected people smuggler charged in Australian court
2016/09/30   Nevada high court blocks funding for school choice program
2016/09/26   Court asks judges to respond to Louisiana sheriff's claims
2016/09/21   DC gun law gets hearing before Washington appeals court
2016/09/16   Court halts construction of another section of pipeline
2016/09/03   Gays can seek parental rights for nonbiological kids
2016/08/16   Court rejects Cosby's attempt to reseal testimony on affairs
2016/08/12   Court again says New Jersey can't legalize sports betting
2016/08/06   Indiana officer accused of shooting detective due in court
2016/07/26   Appeals court delay requested in ex-Virginia governor's case
2016/07/14   Appeals court orders Utah to fund Planned Parenthood branch
2016/07/11   Candidate filing begins Monday for appeals court seat
2016/07/11   Court orders release of detained immigrant kids, not parents
2016/07/08   Thai military court adds to singer's jail term for insults
2016/05/31   Bahrain court more than doubles opposition leader's sentence
2016/05/28   Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Julian Assange
2016/05/23   Breyer says Supreme Court not diminished with only 8 members
2016/05/09   El Salvador court takes up case on ex-president's finances
2016/05/08   Court: Slipknot bassist's child born after he died can sue
2016/05/06   Tribunal: India, Italy should agree on Italian marine's bail
2016/05/04   High court won't step into Mich. dispute over harness racing
2016/03/18   RNC launches campaign to oppose Obama's Supreme Court pick
2016/03/17   Lawyer: US citizen charged in UN case to plead guilty
2016/02/18   Court declines stay in redistricting; Congress elections off
2016/02/09   Court rejects AG Kane's request to reinstate law license
2016/02/09   South African court hears case against president
2016/02/08   Plagued by delays, California high-speed rail heads back to court
2015/12/20   Ex-Costa Rica soccer chief pleads not guilty in FIFA probe
2015/11/28   2 charged in pastor's wife killing say little in court
2015/11/03   High court won't hear appeal on mortgage ratings
2015/11/02   Woman charged in slayings of Connecticut couple due in court
2015/10/09   Familiar, divisive social issues on Supreme Court agenda
2015/10/05   Supreme Court declines to review insider trading case
2015/09/28   Connecticut court stands by decision eliminating execution
2015/09/23   Court rejects ex-NY Fed employee's retaliation claim lawsuit
2015/09/15   Ohio court: Wording of pot legalization ballot is misleading
2015/09/11   OJ Simpson appeal rejected by Nevada Supreme Court
2015/08/18   Court rejects inmate's challenge in 5 Ohio prison slayings
2015/08/13   Penn State ex-officials' case heads to appeals court hearing
2015/07/29   Appeals court: Kansas abortion opponent must stand trial
2015/07/16   Marijuana opponents using racketeering law to fight industry
2015/07/08   US appeals court upholds EPA plan to clean up Chesapeake Bay
2015/07/01   In Supreme Court loss, death penalty foes see an opening
2015/06/24   French court rules police illegally targeted minorities
2015/06/11   Man accused of Jewish site shootings to appear in court
2015/06/02   Abortion ban based on heartbeat rejected by appeals court
2015/05/15   Appeals court skeptical of fairness of trader's conviction
2014/04/21   High court to hear dispute about TV over Internet
2014/04/17   GM to ask bankruptcy court for lawsuit protection
2014/04/08   Lawmaker Yee due back in court for arraignment
2014/04/03   The Supreme Court struck down limits Wednesday in federal law on the overall campaign contributions the biggest individual donors may make to candidates, political parties and political action committees. The justices said in a 5-4 vote that Americans ..
2014/03/05   Court: Broad protection for whistleblowers
2014/03/05   Court weighs securities fraud class-action cases
2014/02/10   SKorea court invalidates Ssangyong layoffs
2014/02/03   7 now guilty in Pendleton contractor bribery case
2014/01/27   High court rules against steelworkers' claim
2014/01/20   Court hearings for 2 arrested in student stabbing
2014/01/16   High court OKs Miss. lawsuit on LCD price fixing
2014/01/10   Court: Lawmakers must expedite education funding
2014/01/06   Court sides with S. Ind. city in man's injury suit
2013/12/23   Canadian court strikes down anti-prostitution laws
2013/11/29   Amanda Knox appeals slander case to European court
2013/11/25   Wind energy firm pleads guilty to eagle deaths
2013/11/08   High court wrestles with prayer in government
2013/09/30   Chile top court confirms block on Barrick mine
2013/09/09   Berlusconi appeals case to European rights court
2013/08/26   Minn. Supreme Court sides with HIV-positive man
2013/07/11   Ill. Supreme Court ends challenge to abortion law
2013/05/21   Court strikes down Arizona 20-week abortion ban
2013/04/18   Strip shooting-crash suspect gets lawyer in Vegas
2013/03/07   Lawyer seeks dismissal in Ohio HS player rape case
2013/02/28   NY dismemberment defendant dons trash bag in court
2013/02/26   Fla. lawyer at center of $300M scheme
2013/02/21   Man pleads not guilty in Oakland bank bomb case
2012/10/25   Court date postponed in Hines Ward extortion case
2012/02/27   BP 'ready for long court battle over Gulf spill'
2012/02/24   Costner sculpture dispute heads to SD high court
2012/02/23   Court seems split on double jeopardy question
2012/02/02   Providence mayor warns of possible bankruptcy
2012/01/30   Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP Files Class Action
2012/01/26   Hustler targeted for printing photos of dead woman
2012/01/25   In Vt., an attorney general's losses raise doubts
2012/01/18   Amazon Hit With Class Action Over Zappos Data Breach
2012/01/01   MT court restores corporate campaign spending ban
2011/12/31   Del. court says ex-HP CEO can't keep letter secret
2011/12/30   Appeals court upholds sentence of former deputy
2011/12/19   Operative gets prison for bilking NYC mayor
2011/12/19   Court schedules week of health care arguments
2011/12/11   Appeals court allows Albany hospital merger
2011/12/02   Farmers Insurance Settles Class Action Lawsuit
2011/11/21   Accused White House shooter to appear in DC court
2011/11/17   NY federal appeals court reverses Bruno conviction
2011/11/15   Justices unlikely to have last word on health care
2011/11/11   Govt asks justices to stay out of immigration case
2011/11/09   Calif high court hears debate over worker breaks
2011/11/03   Police investigate Texas judge over video beating
2011/10/24   Baker Donelson law firm acquires Houston practice
2011/10/24   Federman & Sherwood Announces Class Action Lawsuit
2011/10/20   Senate rejects GOP effort on terrorist trials
2011/10/18   Top Europe court bans stem cell technique patents
2011/10/15   Court mulls trial in absentia for Hariri case
2011/10/11   FDIC backs ban on banks trading for own profit
2011/10/11   Kentucky man sues Facebook over tracking cookie
2011/10/05   European court rules against Soros in trading case
2011/10/03   High court appears to favor Ala. death row inmate
2011/10/03   Court refuses to hear Maryland gun case
2011/09/20   Idaho inmates settle lawsuit over prison violence
2011/09/06   Ex-Va attorney convicted in law firm embezzlement
2011/08/30   Court approves Harry and David reorganization plan
2011/08/30   BofA sued over $1.75 billion mortgage trust
2011/08/26   No choking charges for Wis. Supreme Court justice
2011/08/19   Former U.S. attorney Lampton dies at 60
2011/08/15   Tech blogger won't be charged in Apple iPhone case
2011/08/15   White House criticizes court's health care ruling
2011/08/10   Ariz. governor on deadline for immigration appeal
2011/08/01   Court upholds Chinese journalist's jail sentence
2011/07/26   Calif Supreme Court rules on illegal local taxes
2011/07/05   Bill revision could mean money for NJ drug company
2011/07/04   Mich. man sues, wants Chevron stock at '04 price
2011/07/03   Law school enrollment in Missouri lags as legal jobs dry up
2011/06/24   N.Y. governor signs gay marriage into law
2011/06/13   Court won't hear restitution claim in Ponzi case
2011/06/10   Toyota class action suit to start with Utah case
2011/06/07   Court: No shield law for message boards posters
2011/06/02   NJ mom accused of starving child pleads not guilty
2011/05/29   Court: Sex-offender list is not cruel punishment
2011/05/23   Not guilty plea entered for teen in NJ webcam case
2011/05/18   Ala. chief justice warns more court layoffs coming
2011/05/10   Court in Va. to hear US health care law challenges
2011/05/10   Pa. lawmaker faces hearing on gun-related charge
2011/05/09   Judge dismisses EA from NCAA antitrust lawsuit
2011/05/06   Court puts Carl Lewis back on NJ primary ballot
2011/05/03   NH Senate rejects changes to anti-bullying law
2011/05/02   Firm hired by GOP ends work on gay marriage ban
2011/05/02   Bachmann uses Holocaust to illustrate tax point
2011/05/02   Court sides with Wyoming in dispute with Montana
2011/04/28   Kan. House debates forcing lawsuit over casino
2011/04/28   US envoy says rights talks with China yield little
2011/04/06   2 charged with insider trading involving law firms
2011/02/23   Court turns down campaign disclosure challenge
2011/01/31   Reno court accepts deal for model in arch crash
2011/01/18   High court denies man's gun arrest appeal
2010/12/30   Mich. court ruling would nix water discharge plan
2010/11/28   Judge denies class action in cigarette lawsuits
2010/11/28   Ruling on Wal-Mart class-action case may have broader impact
2010/11/28   Conn. high court to hear immigrant benefits case
2010/11/27   Supreme Court: drugs can be forced on defendant
2010/11/02   WA voters say no to state income tax Initiative 1098
2010/10/07   Genzyme board rejects Sanofi $69-a-share offer
2010/08/03   Murder conviction of mom reversed in California
2010/07/12   Judicial Vacancies Slow the Wheels of Justice
2010/02/25   Law firm probes Skipton ceiling contract clause
2010/02/16   Montgomery law firm files suit against Toyota
2010/02/12   The money question: At many law firms, these prices are in-SANE!
2010/02/08   Private equity firms brace for tax battle
2010/01/31   First class-action lawsuit filed against Toyota
2009/12/28   Judge names Houston attorney to monitor company
2009/12/18   Ky. League of Cities audit goes to law enforcement
2009/10/26   NH judge refuses to dismiss poetry program lawsuit
2009/04/27   Judge waives waiting period for gay Iowa couple
2009/04/24   Judge in LA orders green card cases reopened
2009/04/21   US Supreme Court to rule on animal cruelty law
2009/02/26   Christian Boot Camp Accused of Abusing Kids
2009/02/20   Microsoft Dodges Class Action For Now
2009/01/26   FBI: Long Island investment firm boss surrenders
2009/01/05   Grocery Wholesaler in Federal Antitrust Action
2008/12/24   Court reinstates clean air rule during EPA fix
2008/11/23   Singapore rules Journal in contempt of court
2008/11/13   High court to rule when judges must bow out
2008/11/05   Court: Payday lending law violated constitution
2008/10/30   Alinghi, rivals call on BMW Oracle to drop lawsuit
2008/10/28   Hot-button social issues highlight state ballots
2008/08/28   Attorney Need Not Deliver Subpoenaed Transcript
2008/08/27   Citibank Stole From 53,000 Customers
2008/08/22   Court says Guantanamo documents should be released
2008/08/21   Urban League Challenges Illinois School Funding
2008/08/13   Steve Wynn Sues Soft-Core Porn King
2008/08/12   DuPont Loses Bid to Enforce Supply Contract
2008/08/11   DC Circuit dismisses Fannie Mae shareholder suit
2008/08/08   Texas executes second foreign national since ICJ order
2008/08/06   Female Football Player Claims Discrimination
2008/07/09   Anheuser-Bush Invokes Cuban Embargo To Fight Buyout
2008/07/08   Refco CEO Bennett Gets 16 Years
2008/07/03   DC police launch voluntary handgun search program
2008/06/20   Federal court issues stay in SC execution
2008/06/09   FTC Appeals D.C. Circuit Order In Rambus Case
2008/06/02   Hungarian Gypsies Lose Bid For Asylum In U.S.
2008/05/28   Harry Potter & The Librarian's Lawsuit
2008/05/07   Monopoly Alleged In Crane Certification
2008/05/06   Texas Judge Sets Execution for Mexican National
2008/05/02   Illegal Imimrants Sue Employer, Employer Sues Back
2008/04/23   Officers Denied Immunity For Arresting Protester
2008/04/22   Federal judge dismisses Katrina fraud claim
2008/04/10   Class Says Blockbuster Invades Privacy
2008/04/09   Two Attorneys Emerge in Detroit Mayor Case
2008/04/09   Discovery Across Borders
2008/04/07   Appeals court may let NSA lawsuits proceed
2008/04/04   Climate Work Heating Up at Law Firms
2008/04/03   Justices Weigh Definitions of Competency
2008/04/01   Expert Testimony Issues on the Rise
2008/03/28   DOJ to Continue Crackdown on Political Corruption
2008/03/27   Nebraska legislature rejects death penalty ban
2008/03/26   SEC Proposes "Naked" Short Selling Anti-Fraud Rule
2008/03/19   Cyclist Landis Appeals Arbitration Court Ruling
2008/03/14   Jackson Lawyer: Neverland Auction Off
2008/03/13   NewsScandal-hit Spitzer faces wait for law firm role
2008/03/09   MobiTV, HowardForums avoid legal skirmish
2008/03/07   Judge KOs Challenge to Internet Bet Law
2008/03/07   Bush: 'US Must Not Let Down Its Guard'
2008/03/06   Judge Wants to Resolve Indian Lands Case
2008/03/05   Swiss Bank Drops Wikileaks Lawsuit
2008/03/05   Judge Wants Shipwreck Evidence Worked On
2008/03/04   Lawsuit Dropped in Pain Doctor Case
2008/03/04   Ciolli Sues Yale Law Students in AutoAdmit Scandal
2008/03/03   Lawyer in Bribery Case Says Witness Lied
2008/03/03   Supreme Court May Re-examine What Is "Indecent"
2008/03/03   Court may opt to pay fees from Bible suit
2008/02/28   eBay Settles Patent Dispute With MercExchange
2008/02/27   Court Denies Altria Motions To Dimiss Claims
2008/02/25   A Law Firm Puts Its Chefs on Trial
2008/02/25   Former partner suing Dorsey & Whitney law firm
2008/02/25   Supreme Court to hear car search, tribal land cases

Warrant dropped for professor who spoke Hawaiian in court
Topics in Legal News | 2018/01/25 17:04
A judge dropped an arrest warrant Thursday for a University of Hawaii professor who refused to respond in court to English and spoke Hawaiian instead.

Samuel Kaleikoa Kaeo was in court Wednesday facing a trial for charges connected to his participation in a 2017 protest against the construction of a solar telescope on top of Haleakala, a volcano on Maui, Hawaii News Now reported .

When Judge Blaine Kobayashi asked Kaeo to confirm his identity, he repeatedly responded in Hawaiian instead of English.

Kobayashi said he couldn't understand Kaeo and issued a warrant for Kaeo's arrest, saying "the court is unable to get a definitive determination for the record that the defendant seated in court is Mr. Samuel Kaeo."

Kaeo, an associate professor of Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii Maui College, said he has appeared before the judge before and complained that "it was about the fact that I was speaking Hawaiian that he didn't like."

Kobayashi recalled the bench warrant Thursday, the state Judiciary said in a statement. Judiciary spokesman Andrew Laurence declined to answer questions about the recall, including what prompted it.

Kaeo faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing a sidewalk. Kaeo, who also speaks English, requested a Hawaiian interpreter in the courtroom but prosecutors had objected, saying it was an unnecessary expense that would have caused delays.

Pennsylvania court throws out congressional boundaries
Topics in Legal News | 2018/01/24 17:03
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the state's widely criticized congressional map Monday, granting a major victory to Democrats who alleged the 18 districts were unconstitutionally gerrymandered to benefit Republicans and setting off a scramble to draw a new map.

In the Democratic-controlled court's decision, the majority said the boundaries "clearly, plainly and palpably" violate the state's constitution and blocked the boundaries from remaining in effect for the 2018 elections with just weeks until dozens of people file paperwork to run for Congress.

The justices gave the Republican-controlled Legislature until Feb. 9 to pass a replacement and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf until Feb. 15 to submit it to the court. Otherwise, the justices said they will adopt a plan in an effort to keep the May 15 primary election on track.

The decision comes amid a national tide of gerrymandering cases, including some that have reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

Democrats cheered the decision to toss out a Republican-drawn map used in three general elections going back to 2012. The map, they say, gave Republicans crucial help in securing 13 of 18 seats in a state where registered Democratic voters outnumber Republicans 5 to 4.

"We won the whole thing," said David Gersch of the Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer law firm in Washington, D.C., which is helping represent the group of registered Democrats who filed the lawsuit last June.

The defendants — top Republican lawmakers — said they would ask the U.S. Supreme Court this week to step in and put the decision on hold. The state court's decision lacks clarity, precedent and respect for the constitution and would introduce chaos into the state's congressional races, they said.

The Senate's top Republican lawyer, Drew Crompton, called the timeline to draw new districts "borderline unworkable," but said Republicans will do everything they can to comply.

Women taking their right to go topless to state's high court
Topics in Legal News | 2018/01/12 18:06
In a case that pits freedom of expression and equality against public decency, three women are challenging a New Hampshire city ordinance prohibiting public nudity and taking it to the state's highest court.

Heidi Lilley, Kia Sinclair and Ginger Pierro were ticketed in 2016 in Laconia after they went topless at Weirs Beach over Memorial Day weekend. Pierro was doing yoga, while the other two were sunbathing.

Some beachgoers complained and a police officer asked them to cover up. When they refused, they were arrested. A legal motion to dismiss a case against the women was denied so they have appealed it to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, which is expected to hear the case Feb. 1. The women want to the court to dismiss their conviction by invalidating the city's ordinance.

The three women argue there's no state law forbidding female toplessness and that the ordinance is discriminatory since men are allowed to go shirtless. They also contend their constitutional rights to freedom of expression were violated.

"The law in the state of New Hampshire is that it is legal for a woman to go topless so we're trying to get the town of Laconia to recognize and to stay with the state," Lilley said. "The town ordinance, in our opinion, is not constitutional. We're hoping the Supreme Court will see that."

The women are part of the Free the Nipple movement, a global campaign that argues it should be acceptable for women to bare their nipples in public, since men can. Supporters of the campaign also are taking their causes to courts with mixed success.

A U.S. District Court judge ruled in October that a public indecency ordinance in Missouri didn't violate the state constitution by allowing men, but not women, to show their nipples. But in February, a U.S. District Court judge blocked the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, from enforcing a law against women going topless, arguing it was based on gender discrimination. The city is appealing.''

Florida and Georgia taking water fight to Supreme Court
Topics in Legal News | 2018/01/09 18:07
Reminders of the oyster's pre-eminence in this slice of northwestern Florida are everywhere, from the shells that line the edges of downtown buildings to the paintings of oysters that dot the walls of Apalachicola's art and history museum.

It's the oysters themselves that are harder to find these days, and Florida is hoping the Supreme Court can help fix that. The high court hears arguments Monday in the long-running dispute between Florida and neighboring Georgia over the flow of water in the Apalachicola River, which runs from the state line to Apalachicola Bay and the nearby Gulf of Mexico.

Florida sued Georgia in the Supreme Court in 2013, blaming farmers and booming metro Atlanta for low river flows that harmed the environment and fisheries dependent on fresh water entering the area. Florida portrays the case as its last chance to "stem Georgia's inequitable consumption" of water from the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers in Georgia, leaving too little by the time the rivers come together and pass into Florida.

"It is effectively strangling the Apalachicola Region and killing or threatening its animal and plant life," Florida said in its Supreme Court brief. Although the justices usually hear appeals, lawsuits between states start in the Supreme Court.

Georgia said Florida has failed to show that it would benefit from any cuts imposed on Georgia, pointing to the conclusion of a court-appointed special master who recommended that the justices side with Georgia. Georgia also said Florida is asking for unreasonable reductions that would "threaten the water supply of 5 million people in metropolitan Atlanta and risk crippling a multibillion-dollar agricultural sector in southwest Georgia."

Complicating the issue is the absence from the lawsuit of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which manages dams on the Chattahoochee River.

Indiana Supreme Court considers eavesdropping case
Topics in Legal News | 2017/12/22 11:24
The Indiana Supreme Court has taken up an eavesdropping case that could result in a new state standard to determine when prosecutorial misconduct is so egregious that a criminal suspect can no longer be made to stand trial.

The court heard arguments last week in a case involving a Long Beach murder suspect, John Larkin, whose supposedly private conversation with his attorney in a police interrogation room was recorded. The video was then viewed by LaPorte Chief Deputy Prosecutor Robert Neary, who ordered a transcript of the conversation and gave it to a special prosecutor handling the murder case.

Last month, the Supreme Court suspended Neary's law license for four years.

Court records show that police or prosecutors likely tampered with evidence before providing it to the defendant's examiner as well, the (Northwest Indiana) Times reported .

Deputy Attorney General Eric Babbs asked the high court to overturn the LaPorte Circuit Court decision that tossed the voluntary manslaughter case against Larkin. The case was affirmed in June by the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Babbs requested that prosecutors be given the opportunity to prove that not all evidence in their case is tainted. Babbs also argued for the ability to proceed to trial with whatever evidence a judge finds was properly obtained.

Larkin's attorney Stacy Uliana said Babbs' requests are "too little, too late."

The justices didn't indicate when they will issue a ruling. There isn't a statutory timeline for a decision by the high court.

The Indiana Supreme Court has taken up an eavesdropping case that could result in a new state standard to determine when prosecutorial misconduct is so egregious that a criminal suspect can no longer be made to stand trial.

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