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2018/01/21   Supreme Court: Water rule suits should begin in trial courts
2017/12/28   Ohio court indefinitely suspends law license of ex-judge
2017/12/21   Court convicts British woman of smuggling powerful painkillers
2017/11/16   German Court: Kuwait Airways Can Refuse Israeli Passengers
2017/11/15   Free Speech Is Starting to Dominate the US Supreme Court's Agenda
2017/11/12   Feds head to court to seek dismissal of Twin Metals lawsuit
2017/06/28   Case of gay couple's wedding cake heads to Supreme Court
2017/06/25   Supreme Court limits ability to strip citizenship
2017/06/19   Court: 'JudgeCutie' nickname doesn't ruffle judicial dignity
2017/06/04   Court sides with towns over utilities in tax dispute
2017/06/02   Trump admin asks Supreme Court to restore travel ban
2017/05/17   Court likely to question if Trump's travel ban discriminates
2017/05/08   Trump tabs Minnesota Justice Stras for federal appeals court
2017/03/05   Oklahoma tribe sues oil companies in tribal court over quake
2017/02/23   Court: Florida Docs Allowed to Ask Patients About Guns
2016/11/18   Supreme Court stays execution of Alabama inmate
2016/11/01   Supreme Court won't hear challenge to FBI fitness test
2016/10/16   Court hearing on potential Ontario ban of Indians name, logo
2016/10/14   Rights group criticizes Polish law of weakening top court
2016/10/12   Iraq's federal court rules against prime minister's reforms
2016/10/02   Appeals court rules against Kansas in voting rights case
2016/09/12   Court rejects challenge to Michigan's emergency manager law
2016/07/06   Court orders release of Chicago police disciplinary records
2016/07/05   Obama rebukes Poland over paralysis of constitutional court
2016/06/14   Court upholds net neutrality rules on equal internet access
2016/05/04   High court seems poised to overturn McDonnell conviction
2016/02/06   NY court agrees to rehear Ex-Goldman board member's appeal
2015/12/22   ACLU to appeal court ruling in Missouri drug testing case
2015/09/01   Burkina Faso court rejects candidate of former ruling party
2015/08/07   Court: Lawsuit over Arkansas killing by cop may proceed
2015/07/18   Court Halts Execution Of Tyler Woman's Killer
2015/07/09   Appeals court upholds parts of Arizona ethnic studies ban
2015/07/03   Oklahoma court to look at blocking Tulsa grand jury probe
2013/03/24   Court considers Calif. prison mental health care
2012/12/20   Bernard Madoff brother to face victims in NY court
2012/08/31   Ohio man pleads not guilty to Pitt threat charges
2012/01/08   Justices criticize EPA's dealings with homeowners
2011/11/04   Court tosses $43M award against Ford in crash case
2011/10/24   Scott+Scott LLP Announces Securities Class Action Lawsuit
2011/05/25   "The Death and Life of American Journalism" by Robert Mc Chesney
2010/09/22   Penny Stock Risks – Caveat Emptor
2008/12/17   Ill. gov's legal woes worsen as fundraisers defect
2008/10/29   DA: Criminal charges possible in boy's Uzi death
2008/03/06   High Profile Local Law Firms Merge
2008/03/05   Civil Rights & the Hawthorne Police Dept & The LAPD

Supreme Court: Water rule suits should begin in trial courts
Legal Interview | 2018/01/21 17:02
Opponents of an Obama administration rule aimed at protecting small streams and wetlands from development and pollution now know which courts should be hearing their lawsuits.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that litigation over the rule should begin in the lowest level of federal courts, not in the federal courts of appeal. The rule has never taken effect because of lawsuits and is now under review by President Donald Trump's administration.

The 2015 rule sought to settle a debate over which waterways are covered under the Clean Water Act. The debate has dragged on for years and remained murky despite two Supreme Court rulings.

President Barack Obama's administration redefined "waters of the United States" protected under the act to include smaller creeks and wetlands.

Ohio court indefinitely suspends law license of ex-judge
Legal Interview | 2017/12/28 11:24
The Ohio Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended the law license of a former judge sentenced to two years in prison for assaulting his estranged wife inside a vehicle while their two young daughters sat in the back seat.

The court ruled unanimously Thursday that Lance Mason can only apply for reinstatement after meeting conditions including undergoing a mental health evaluation.

The court removed Mason from the Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH’-guh) County Common Pleas bench in 2015 after he pleaded guilty to attempted felonious assault and domestic violence.

Authorities say Mason struck and bit his wife, Aisha, while driving with her and their daughters in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights in 2014.

Court convicts British woman of smuggling powerful painkillers
Legal Interview | 2017/12/21 11:25
A court in Egypt's Red Sea region has convicted a British woman of smuggling hundreds of powerful painkillers banned in the Arab country, sentencing her to three years in prison.

The woman, 33-year-old Laura Plummer from Hull, has maintained her innocence since her arrest in October on arrival from Britain at Hurghada, a Red Sea resort city. She has insisted the Tramadol tablets were for her Egyptian partner who suffers chronic back pain.

Tramadol is listed by Egyptian authorities as an illegal drug given its wide use as a heroin substitute.

Tuesday's conviction came as a surprise since the hearing was supposed to be taken up by the argument of the defense. The verdict can be appealed.

German Court: Kuwait Airways Can Refuse Israeli Passengers
Legal Interview | 2017/11/16 13:41
A German court ruled Thursday that Kuwait's national airline didn't have to transport an Israeli citizen because the carrier would face legal repercussions at home if it did.

The Frankfurt state court noted in its decision that Kuwait Airways is not allowed to have contracts with Israelis under Kuwaiti law because of the Middle Eastern country's boycott of Israel.

The court said it didn't evaluate whether "this law make sense," but that the airline risked repercussions that were "not reasonable" for violating it, such as fines or prison time for employees.

An Israeli citizen, who was identified in court papers as Adar M., a student living in Germany, sued Kuwait Airways after it canceled his booking for a flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok that included a stop-over in Kuwait City.

The cancellation came a few days before M.'s scheduled departure in August 2016 when he revealed he had an Israeli passport. The airline offered to book him on a nonstop flight to Bangkok with another carrier.

The man refused the offer and filed the lawsuit, seeking compensation for alleged discrimination. He also insisted the airline should have to accept him as a passenger.

The court rejected his discrimination claim ruling that German law covers discrimination based on race, ethnicity or religion, but not nationality.

Germany's Central Council of Jews condemned the ruling, calling it "unbearable that a foreign company operating based on deeply anti-Semitic national laws is allowed to be active in Germany."

Frankfurt Mayor Uwe Becker expressed a similar view. "An airline that practices discrimination and anti-Semitism by refusing to fly Israeli passengers should not be allowed to takeoff or land in Frankfurt," Becker said.

Courts in the United States and Switzerland previously have ruled in favor of plaintiffs in comparable cases, the German news agency dpa reported.

Free Speech Is Starting to Dominate the US Supreme Court's Agenda
Legal Interview | 2017/11/15 13:41
To get the Supreme Court's attention these days, try saying your speech rights are being violated.

Whether the underlying topic is abortion, elections, labor unions or wedding cakes, the First Amendment is starting to dominate the Supreme Court's agenda.

The court on Monday granted three new speech cases, including a challenge to a California law that requires licensed pregnancy-counseling clinics to tell patients they might be eligible for free or discounted abortions. The nine-month term now features six cases, out of 44 total, that turn on the reach of the Constitution's free speech guarantee.

Several will be among the term's most closely watched. They include a high-profile fight over a Colorado baker who refuses to make cakes for same-sex weddings and a challenge to the requirement in some states that public-sector workers pay for the cost of union representation. Both of those cases offer the prospect of ideological divides that could put the court's five Republican appointees in the majority, backing free speech rights.

Free speech also plays a central role in what could be a watershed case involving partisan voting districts. The court's liberals could join with Justice Anthony Kennedy to allow legal challenges to partisan gerrymanders for the first time. During arguments in October, Kennedy suggested those challenges would be based on the First Amendment's protections for speech and free association.

The free speech clause has had a special resonance with the court's conservative wing under Chief Justice John Roberts. The court invoked the First Amendment in the landmark 2010 Citizens United decision, which said corporations could spend unlimited sums on political causes. Writing for the five-justice majority, Kennedy equated federal spending restrictions with using "censorship to control thought."

The court has also backed speech rights with more lopsided majorities in cases involving violent video games, depictions of animal cruelty, abortion-clinic buffer zones and anti-homosexual protesters.

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