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2021/07/26   San Francisco Copyright Lawyers - Our Firm
2021/07/21   What is Dental Malpractice?
2021/07/20   San Bernardino, California Criminal Defense Lawyers
2021/07/16   New York Dental Malpractice Attorney - Jordan R. Pine
2021/07/12   Nepal’s Supreme Court reinstates dissolved lower house
2021/07/09   Michigan court won’t extend voting redistricting deadline
2021/07/07   Judge asked to dismiss lawsuit over WVa transgender ban
2021/07/06   Court refuses appeal of ex-Cleveland cop who shot Tamir Rice
2021/07/02   Ruling is final blow to New Hampshire voter registration law
2021/06/30   Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction overturned by court
2021/06/28   Supreme Court won’t revive school’s transgender bathroom ban
2021/06/24   Bankruptcy is Just Filling Out Some Forms, Right?
2021/06/21   High court sides with ex-athletes in NCAA compensation case
2021/06/18   Iowa’s high court stops lawsuit over farm runoff pollution
2021/06/14   Justices consider Harvard case on race in college admissions
2021/06/09   Court nixes South Carolina’s lifelong sex offender registry
2021/06/06   New Hampshire high court lifting mask requirement; theater reopening
2021/06/02   Criminal Defense Attorney in San Bernardino, California
2021/06/01   Supreme Court ruling gives immigrant facing deportation hope
2021/05/29   Ruling: Missed court date in Washington does not imply guilt
2021/05/26   Justices signal they could limit Indian Country ruling
2021/05/24   Supreme Court: Guam can pursue $160M dump cleanup lawsuit
2021/05/21   Nebraska high court rejects appeal in Scottsbluff murder
2021/05/18   Most virus-related restrictions lifted for Kentucky courts
2021/05/01   Top Kansas court upholds law barring ‘wrongful birth’ suits
2021/04/05   High court sides with Google in copyright fight with Oracle
2021/03/11   Drug trafficker says he bribed Honduras president
2021/03/01   Anchorage companies, man fined for clean air violations
2021/01/27   GameStop soars again; Wall Street bends under the pressure
2021/01/14   India's top court suspends implementation of new farm laws
2021/01/06   Arizona Supreme Court upholds election challenge dismissal
2021/01/01   What is the secret to the longevity of fresh flowers?
2020/12/28   China sentences lawyer who reported on outbreak to 4 years
2020/12/24   Trump made lasting impact on federal courts
2020/12/12   Supreme Court rejects Republican attack on Biden victory
2020/11/12   Republicans face court setbacks, Trump law firm steps down
2020/10/24   Trump, Biden lawyer up, brace for White House legal battle
2020/10/22   Supreme Court puts curbside voting on hold in Alabama
2020/09/25   Ginsburg makes history at Capitol amid replacement turmoil
2020/09/09   Trump releases list of 20 new possible Supreme Court picks
2020/08/21   Court halts police subpoena for media’s protest images
2020/08/04   Court OKs extradition of man linked to Venezuela's Maduro
2020/07/11   Lawyer: Over 150 Minneapolis officers seeking disability
2020/07/10   Wisconsin Supreme Court OKs GOP-authored lame-duck laws
2020/07/07   Town court in southern Nevada closes due to coronavirus
2020/07/02   High court won't hear abortion clinic 'buffer zone' cases
2020/06/20   New Mexico high court rules on privacy for banking records
2020/06/17   What Supreme Court? Trump's HHS pushes LGBT health rollback
2020/06/05   Arena turned court for first felony jury trial in months
2020/05/30   Supreme Court rejects challenge to limits on church services
2020/05/22   Lawyer for Biden accuser Tara Reade drops her as a client
2020/05/17   Louisiana Senate targets lawyer ads promising big payouts
2020/04/19   Court issues temporary restraining order on Gov. Kelly's order
2020/04/15   Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky wins state Supreme Court race
2020/04/08   Justice delayed: Virus crisis upends courts system across US
2020/04/02   Court: Utilities cannot charge energy-making customers more
2020/03/17   Asylum Seekers Attend Border Court Amid Outbreak
2020/03/10   Spanish court: Google search must show man's acquittal first
2020/03/03   Court blocks ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy on part of US border
2020/02/20   Florida can’t bar felons who served their time from registering to vote
2020/02/18   Court reinstates order for Russia to pay $50 bln over Yukos
2020/02/17   Walker appointee, judge, prof face off in high court primary
2020/01/03   Mother of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts dies at age 90
2019/12/28   Court: Washington drivers must use turn signals to turn
2019/12/20   US heads to court to build Trump border wall in Texas
2019/12/05   Court to consider bathroom use by transgender student
2019/12/03   Afghanistan probe appeal begins at Hague international court
2019/11/29   Court turns down bid to block vote on nuclear plant rescue
2019/11/25   Supreme Court says Ginsburg released from hospital
2019/11/22   New North Dakota Supreme Court chief justice to be chosen
2019/11/19   Bolivians urge US court to restore $10M verdict on killings
2019/11/14   EU court refers doubts on Polish judiciary to national court
2019/11/07   Court sentences Congo warlord to 30 years for atrocities
2019/10/23   French court postpones ruling on cement firm Lafarge case
2019/10/23   Samsung heir Lee appears in court for corruption retrial
2019/10/21   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared in a U.K. court
2019/09/29   Dutch Supreme Court asked to clarify euthanasia case
2019/09/29   Egypt court asks religious figure to weigh in on sentences
2019/09/26   Transgender woman in Supreme Court case 'happy being me'
2019/09/19   High Court overturns city mandate on construction projects
2019/09/04   Brazil court overrules Rio mayor on gay kiss book ban
2019/08/30   Court rules Rams lawsuit can be heard in St. Louis courtroom
2019/08/08   Supreme Court rebuffs Alabama officer charged with murder
2019/08/04   Puerto Ricans get their 3rd governor in 6 days
2019/08/01   Puerto Ricans await court decision on potential new governor
2019/07/25   Cyprus police frees 5 Israelis, 7 held in hotel rape probe
2019/07/24   Supreme Court: Trump can use Pentagon funds for border wall
2019/07/19   Jeffrey Epstein will remain jailed as judge mulls bail
2019/06/25   Validity of Obama health care law at issue in appeal hearing
2019/06/21   EU court says Poland's Supreme Court reforms unlawful
2019/06/11   Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Regulation Of Gun Silencers
2019/06/11   Supreme Court rules against oil drilling platform workers
2019/06/05   US court weighs if climate change violates children’s rights
2019/06/03   Carnival will pay $20m over pollution from its cruise ships
2019/05/24   DeVaney sworn in to South Dakota Supreme Court
2019/05/21   Russian court extends arrest for American accused of spying
2019/05/12   Students in Colorado shooting face murder, other charges
2019/04/20   Supreme Court to take up LGBT job discrimination cases
2019/04/18   Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court
2019/04/18   Accuracy at core of Supreme Court case over census question
2019/04/15   6 appear in court on charges they sent mosque attack images
2019/04/13   High court declines to take Pennsylvania rap artist’s case
2019/04/07   Court finds WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange guilty
2019/04/01   Philippine Supreme Court orders release of drug war evidence
2019/03/23   Supreme Court tosses $315 million award in USS Cole lawsuit
2019/03/16   Veterans court may be collateral damage in immigration fight
2019/02/24   High court deciding fate of cross-shaped Maryland memorial
2019/02/11   Liberals eye 2020 takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court
2019/02/08   Russian court sends Jehovah’s Witness to prison for 6 years
2019/01/01   Missouri death row inmate asks US Supreme Court to intervene
2018/12/27   Cunningham to step down from Kentucky Supreme Court
2018/12/17   Colorado baker returns to court over 2nd LGBT bias allegation
2018/12/01   The Latest: Court likely to apply excess-fine ban to states
2018/11/27   China court reduces sentence of American Wendell Brown
2018/11/20   Poland moves to reinstate retired judges to Supreme Court
2018/10/26   North Carolina top court orders study of courtroom portraits
2018/10/20   Maldives court overturns prison term for ex-president
2018/10/17   Sessions criticizes court order on deposition in census case
2018/10/10   Supreme Court wrestles with case on detention of immigrants
2018/10/09   Polish leader appoints top court judges, against ruling
2018/09/26   The Latest: 6 countries seek criminal probe of Venezuela
2018/09/23   Missouri court lets redistricting initiative go to voters
2018/09/21   3 hurt in court shooting leave hospital; gunman identified
2018/08/18   Alabama Supreme Court won't move lawsuit against Moore
2018/08/13   Court: EPA violated law on harmful pesticide, orders ban
2018/08/10   Supreme Court examines Kentucky's medical review panels
2018/08/06   Filing period opens for West Virginia Supreme Court seat
2018/07/28   High court gives mixed verdict on Burgum-Legislature spat
2018/07/26   N Carolina elections board back in court in power struggle
2018/07/22   State Supreme Court returns stalking case to lower court
2018/07/22   Judge, calm in court, takes hard line on splitting families
2018/07/06   Wisconsin court to rule on conservative professor's firing
2018/06/17   State appeals court reinstates California's right-to-die law
2018/06/08   Kansas Supreme Court sends DNA request back to lower court
2018/06/07   UK Supreme Court criticizes Northern Ireland abortion laws
2018/06/02   Suspect in vandalism to Jewish boundary heads to court
2018/04/25   Trump travel ban is focus of Supreme Court's last arguments
2018/04/25   Trump travel ban is focus of Supreme Court's last arguments
2018/04/22   Italy's high court refuses to release migrant rescue ship
2018/04/17   Supreme Court rejects anti-abortion pastor's appeal on noise
2018/04/13   Zuckerberg Flubs Details of Facebook Privacy Commitments
2018/04/11   Facebook to stop spending against California privacy effort
2018/04/09   Top EU court : Members can ban taxi services like UberPop
2018/04/01   Trump administration backs PLO in victims' high court appeal
2018/03/25   Maryland redistricting case comes before Supreme Court
2018/03/24   Another key redistricting case goes in front of high court
2018/03/22   French court issues mixed ruling in Facebook nudity case
2018/03/16   Supreme Court limits reach of tax crime statute
2018/03/14   Czech top court delays alleged Russian hacker extradition
2018/03/10   Former Trump campaign aide Nunberg at court for grand jury
2018/03/08   TransCanada doesn't have to pay landowner attorneys
2018/03/07   South Carolina court questions transportation tax spending
2018/03/04   Brazil court largely upholds law that some fear hurts Amazon
2018/03/01   Organized labor case goes in front of Supreme Court
2018/02/27   Supreme Court declines to take up 'Dreamers' case for now
2018/02/26   Court leaves black judge on case against white officer
2018/02/14   Ohio court to hear online charter school's funding case
2018/02/06   Court allows Pennsylvania to redraw GOP-favored district map
2018/02/02   Judge admonishes victims' dad who charged at Nassar in court
2018/01/29   Thai court drops royal insult charges against academic
2018/01/24   Attorney general applauds high court decision on water rule
2018/01/17   Supreme Court won't take case of ex-NY assembly speaker
2018/01/15   Supreme Court to hear sales tax collection case
2018/01/14   Court: Yes, there is doctor-patient confidentiality
2018/01/10   Jailed Catalan separatists pledge to eschew unilateral moves
2018/01/10   Greece to limit Sharia law after European Court challenge
2018/01/06   Judge Rejects Request for New Vote in Virginia House Race
2018/01/03   Democratic judge announces bid for Ohio Supreme Court seat
2018/01/02   Court calls on jailer to resign; cites poor conditions
2017/12/13   Ex-police officer pleads guilty in daughter's hot car death
2017/12/13   S Carolina Rep. Quinn pleads guilty to corruption charge
2017/12/11   Greek court backs extraditing Russian bitcoin suspect to US
2017/12/08   Travel ban is headed back to a federal appeals court in Virginia
2017/12/07   Comedian Artie Lange arrested for skipping court
2017/11/19   Belgian court pushes back extradition hearing for 5 Catalans
2017/10/28   Brazilian court revives case against Olympian Ryan Lochte
2017/10/26   Court asked to decide whether to limit electronics searches
2017/10/23   Ohio court won't hear case in seizure of exotic animals
2017/10/22   Immigrant teen seeking abortion asks court to reconsider
2017/10/20   Florida court sides with Gov. Scott in nursing home battle
2017/10/08   Court nixes class-action status for TGI Friday's drink suit
2017/10/02   European Court Asked to Rule on Facebook Data Transfers
2017/09/16   Rooney gets road ban after pleading guilty to drunk driving
2017/09/11   Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg is set speak in Chicago
2017/09/09   Supreme Court Backs Dayton Veto of Legislature Budget
2017/08/31   Israeli protesters erect golden statue of High Court chief
2017/08/24   UAE prison time dropped for transgender Singaporean, friend
2017/08/17   Nevada pot regulators back in court as supplies dwindle
2017/08/16   Young leaders of massive 2014 Hong Kong protests get prison
2017/08/15   Former Pakistan PM challenges disqualification by court
2017/08/13   Hailey attorney named to Idaho District Court bench
2017/08/10   Open records policy set for administrative court records
2017/08/08   NJ Supreme Court Reverses Decades-Old Divorce Law
2017/07/21   Court ends hearing into corruption charges against PM
2017/07/16   EU closer to sanctions on Poland over changes in judiciary
2017/07/13   Man charged with killing Maine couple on Christmas in court
2017/07/11   Rob Kardashian's ex-fiancee arrives at court for hearing
2017/07/10   Relatives of Slain US Troops Describe Loss to Jordan Court
2017/06/18   Former commissioner found guilty of indecent assault
2017/06/16   Michelle Carter text suicide trial verdict: Guilty
2017/06/15   Court Filing: Man to Plead in Case Linked to Extremists
2017/06/12   Court: Ignorance about allergy medicine crime no excuse
2017/06/03   Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch: Rule of law 'a blessing'
2017/05/19   Texas advances new abortion limits despite court defeats
2017/05/15   Court likely to question if Trump's travel ban discriminates
2017/05/13   High court could soon signal view on Trump immigration plans
2017/05/12   South Dakota and Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe clash in court
2017/05/05   Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman returns to court in drug case
2017/04/27   Trump repeats criticism of court that halted 1st travel ban
2017/04/24   Justices turn away GM appeal over ignition switches
2017/04/20   Pakistan court to decide on accusations against PM's family
2017/04/13   Official: Man accused in store attack misses court hearing
2017/04/06   New Ohio lethal injection process rejected by appeals court
2017/04/05   Baldwin's Supreme Court nominee fight is early flashpoint
2017/04/02   Arkansas asks court to block order on execution drugs
2017/03/23   International court orders reparations for Congo attack
2017/03/20   Court: Wisconsin Bell discriminated against worker
2017/02/24   US appeals court upholds Maryland assault weapons ban
2017/02/15   German court excludes Jewish brothers from Auschwitz trial
2017/01/13   Indiana Supreme Court reprimands Floyd County prosecutor
2016/12/18   Kansas Supreme Court to hear death row inmate's appeal
2016/12/06   Muslim cleric is in US court fighting against deportation
2016/12/06   Court: Star Chinese investor pleads guilty in stock case
2016/12/02   Lawyers for Egypt's Islamists see high court as last refuge
2016/11/21   Ohio sheriff accused of drug theft changing not guilty plea
2016/10/28   Ted Cruz's Supreme Court remark draws White House criticism
2016/10/20   Pakistan's top court seeks reply from PM over money scandal
2016/10/17   Lithuania wants Gorbachev to testify in war crimes trial
2016/10/13   Court: Construction can resume on small stretch of pipeline
2016/10/10   Hawaii Supreme Court affirms Maui solar telescope permit
2016/10/08   Court fight over Ohio executions likely to focus on sedative
2016/09/18   LA Supreme Court considers teen robber’s 99-year sentence
2016/09/14   Court to weigh appeal on Indiana's block on Syrian refugees
2016/09/06   Mexico's Supreme Court overturns state anti-corruption laws
2016/08/28   Appeals court refuses to reconsider Wisconsin voter ID cases
2016/07/15   Court blocks prosecutors from seizing emails stored overseas
2016/05/06   Iran's president slams US court ruling on frozen assets
2016/04/26   High court won't step into Mich. dispute over harness racing
2016/04/21   High court nominee praises lawyers for helping the poor
2016/04/15   Obama's power over immigration drives Supreme Court dispute
2016/04/12   US House staffers subpoenaed by federal court
2016/02/25   Court records: Apple's help sought in another iPhone case
2016/02/20   Man recounts harrowing Uber ride with Kalamazoo suspect
2016/02/10   Supreme Court puts Obama's climate change plan on hold
2016/01/19   Court overturns tobacco company victory over FDA on menthols
2015/12/01   Court papers: Witness ID'd man in playground shooting
2015/11/19   Texas man executed for setting fire that killed 3 children
2015/11/01   High court rejects ex-stockbroker's appeal in fraud case
2015/10/17   'Whitey' Bulger's lover heads to court on contempt charge
2015/10/14   Court again considers fate of seized gold coins worth $80M
2015/10/10   Virginia executes serial killer who claimed to be disabled
2015/09/19   Religious clerks in Kentucky follow law, but see conflict
2015/09/14   Ferguson panel recommends police, court reform, transparency
2015/09/12   Idaho high court upholds law banning horse racing terminals
2015/09/06   U.S. military chooses rarely-used charge for Bergdahl
2015/09/03   Washington Supreme Court rules against
2015/09/02   Clerk in gay marriage case to appear in federal court
2015/08/17   Pistorius prosecutors file appeal at Supreme Court
2015/08/12   Texas man charged in killing of 8 set for court appearance
2015/08/09   Inmate challenge to death sentence goes back to trial court
2015/08/03   Brady lawsuit transferred from Minnesota to New York court
2015/08/01   Federal report finds bias in St. Louis County family court
2015/07/24   NY state Sen. Sampson found guilty of obstruction
2015/07/22   Crimean Filmmaker Pleads Not Guilty in Terrorism Trial
2015/07/06   Michael Jackson’s doctor pleads not guilty
2015/06/25   Supreme Court upholds key tool for fighting housing bias
2015/06/20   Iowa court allows remote dispensing of abortion pill
2015/06/19   Huguely files appeal request with U.S. Supreme Court
2015/06/10   New Jersey's top court sides with Christie on pensions
2015/06/04   Appeals court sides with tribes in fight over land decisions
2015/05/18   Duke Energy will be in federal court for coal ash crimes
2015/04/15   Retired Army Colonel Pleads Guilty to Breaking Law in Job Hunt
2015/04/07   Protesters inside Supreme Court face harsher charges
2015/03/31   Afghan Court Sentences AP Journalist’s Killer to 20 Years
2014/12/11   Woman at center of 1961 Supreme Court case dies
2014/12/04   Michigan Defense Lawyer
2014/11/25   Philippine court convicts 9 Chinese of poaching
2014/11/17   Court won't overturn ruling on Arizona no-bail law
2014/11/11   Massachusetts Real Estate Attorney
2014/10/22   Aggressive Securities Arbitration Services
2014/08/28   California high court pick up for confirmation
2014/08/13   Appeals court OKs permits for Upper Peninsula mine
2014/08/06   Court hearing gay marriage arguments from 4 states
2014/07/29   German court receives suit against EU bank union
2014/07/22   Montana court sends wind farm clash to California
2014/07/11   Media lawyer: Court's secrecy note not a surprise
2014/07/01   US Supreme Court lets Equifax tax ruling stand
2014/06/25   California high court to decide defibrillator case
2014/05/29   Condemned Texas inmate loses Supreme Court appeal
2014/05/16   Arkansas court says judge went too far on voter ID
2014/04/17   Court rules for environmentalists in water fight
2014/03/14   High Court battle over Richard III's remains
2014/03/10   3 California men plead guilty in alleged pot grow
2014/02/18   Ousted Egypt leader's lawyers protest court cage
2014/01/10   Defamatory online posts revisited by Texas court
2013/12/30   Minnesota Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Assisted Suicide Case
2013/12/09   Haiti protest derides Dominican court ruling
2013/11/29   Supreme Court Will Take up New Health Law Dispute
2013/11/18   Court reinstates death penalty notice for Monfort
2013/11/02   Mavroudis & Guarino, LLC. - Essex County Real Estate Lawyers
2013/10/25   Colombia court nixes military justice overhaul
2013/09/25   Once notable NJ lawyer given life sentence
2013/09/06   Court: Malpractice law covers doctors' businesses
2013/08/19   NY man pleads guilty in Paula Deen extortion case
2013/08/12   Maine RR makes 1st court appearance in bankruptcy
2013/07/26   The Law Offices of Craig Hubble - Manhattan Beach Employment Lawyer
2013/07/17   Court sides with Yahoo in data collection case
2013/07/15   Lawyer asks Iowa court to reconsider sex bias case
2013/07/02   Adoption case returns to SC from US Supreme Court
2013/06/13   Court: $1M coverage for Conn. fire victim families
2013/06/13   Court says human genes cannot be patented
2013/06/06   Intel chair says NSA court order is renewal
2013/05/23   Los Angeles jeweler pleads guilty in KPMG case
2013/03/14   Officials: Fla. lawyer at center of $300M scheme
2013/01/09   Court: Judges cannot indefinitely delay appeals
2012/11/15   Court won't hear appeal in witness tampering case
2012/11/06   Chevron sued in Argentina over Ecuadorean spills
2012/10/27   Former Navy lawyer goes before Kan. Supreme Court
2012/09/14   Court: Idaho woman can't challenge fetal pain law
2012/09/07   Ga. county must $4 million to billboard firm
2012/02/07   Appeals court: Seniors can't reject Medicare right
2012/01/13   Priest with gambling habit facing prison in Vegas
2012/01/10   Nevada Supreme Court reaches 60,000th case
2011/12/08   Political aide to former Md. governor found guilty
2011/12/01   NY court hears hedge fund boss' bail arguments
2011/11/16   Missouri Supreme Court upholds strip club restrictions
2011/11/11   Court says nothing about health care appeal
2011/11/08   Court to look at life in prison for juveniles
2011/11/06   MF Global faces class-action suits after bankruptcy
2011/11/05   Court: Fla. must weigh arbitration in Madoff case
2011/10/28   Man pleads guilty to Picasso theft at SF gallery
2011/10/27   PETA lawsuit seeks to expand animal rights
2011/10/21   Court orders new trial for convicted Cass County killer
2011/10/20   Mom pleads guilty to forcing beer on children
2011/10/17   US House group files motion in gay marriage suit
2011/09/28   Rentech Announces Final Court Approvals of Settlements
2011/09/28   Ex-workers at Fla. foreclose firm get class action
2011/09/26   Wis. Supreme Court takes payday loan case
2011/09/09   Guilty plea for Va. man in $318K Social Security fraud
2011/09/06   Calif. gay marriage ban faces next legal hurdle
2011/08/16   2 enter guilty pleas in GOP corruption case
2011/08/14   Appeals court strikes health insurance requirement
2011/08/12   Lawyer: NJ student didn't mean to spy on roommate
2011/08/05   Calif. court hears appeal on gay juror dismissals
2011/08/03   Appeals court overturns rare Mich. death sentence
2011/08/01   Ex-Schuyler teacher seeks OK to plead guilty
2011/06/13   NY lawyers: Affair with boss led to inside trades
2011/06/13   Court orders reconsideration of parole judgment
2011/06/07   Senate confirms Obama lawyer as solicitor general
2011/06/02   Ark. court upholds conviction in TV anchor slaying
2011/05/23   IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn to plead not guilty
2011/05/21   Maine lawmaker due in court on gun-threat charges
2011/05/19   SD Supreme Court disciplines circuit judge
2011/05/15   Court says FOIA request cannot be used in lawsuit
2011/05/13   LimeWire settles out of court with major record labels
2011/05/07   Disabled lawyer cranks out lawsuits
2011/05/05   4 guilty in $5.2M Medicare fraud scheme in Houston
2011/04/28   Ohio man pleads guilty in abortion-gunpoint case
2011/04/28   Iowa court reverses child endangerment conviction
2011/04/23   Court denies Va. inmate's lawsuit over beard
2011/04/04   Pa. bus firm in deadly NJ crash is taken off road
2011/03/03   Delaware court upholds Barnes & Noble ruling
2011/03/02   Ark high court upholds dismissal of gas lease suit
2011/02/03   Dick's settles with former Neb. worker over pay
2011/02/03   Maine federal judge lets class action in care suit
2011/01/18   Court won't hear appeal from NY couple
2011/01/12   SEC charges 4 with insider trading
2011/01/04   Calif. high court refuses appeal of no-burn rule
2010/12/19   Randy Quaid's wife misses Calif. court hearing
2010/08/30   Utah court rejects appeal from polygamous sect
2010/07/20   NY man gets 19 years to life in wife's poisoning
2010/06/28   Bankruptcy judge approves Visteon disclosure plan
2010/06/14   NY woman sentenced for taking $700K from law firm
2010/06/03   US court weighs school discipline for Web posts
2010/05/17   High court rules out life sentences for juveniles
2010/05/10   DA opposes Polanski's request for sealed testimony
2009/12/23   Judge rejects mandatory condoms on LA porn sets
2009/11/15   LV Law firm sues state over mortgage modification licensing
2009/10/19   2 Hudson residents sue General Mills over Cheerios cholesterol claims
2009/08/03   Workplace Bullying Worse Than Sexual Harassment: Study
2009/08/01   Supreme Court Overturns 75 Mil Malpractice Suit Verdict In NJ
2009/04/20   Court to weigh state's duty to English learners
2009/04/13   Davis Polk Recruits Ex-SEC Aide
2008/12/28   Judge: 2 adoptive dads belong on birth certificate
2008/12/18   Appeals court rejects DC missing pants case
2008/12/16   Oregon bank bombing suspect charged with murder
2008/12/14   Court sides with NY Times in anthrax libel case
2008/10/01   Ex-Attorney Loses Bid to Access Legislator's Records
2008/09/30   Homeowner Get 122K in Hidden Cash, Court Says
2008/09/29   Court Clears Microsoft in $1.5 Billion Patent Action by Lucent
2008/09/24   Attorney's Letter To Jurors Questioned
2008/09/15   Reputation Battle Tied to 4th Circuit Nominee
2008/09/11   'We're Not Cougars,' Women Say In Suit
2008/09/08   EU Court Unfreezes Assets of Saudi Charity
2008/09/08   NY Judge dismisses challenge to gay marriage recognition
2008/09/03   Court Chides Judiciary for Relying on Wikipedia
2008/09/02   Landlord Can Demand Gold Coins, Court Says
2008/08/19   Sixth Circuit Upholds Nudity Ban in Ohio
2008/08/14   Truck Driver Sues For Bridge Collapse
2008/07/29   Coalition Opposes Canyon Granite Removal
2008/07/25   New York AG files complaint
2008/07/22   Monkey See, Monkey Sue
2008/07/18   Jr. College Fired Her For Answering A Student's Question
2008/07/16   New Jersey court strikes down sex offender residence laws
2008/07/14   Ibuprofen Strip Search Violated Student's Rights
2008/07/09   Court Shields Bloggers From Disclosing Names
2008/07/02   'Reality' Show Host Sued For Assault
2008/06/19   Court sides with employee in benefits case
2008/06/17   ACLU files suit against Texas juvenile prison system
2008/06/16   Ginsburg Reverses FOIA Denial
2008/06/11   Class Claims Steak House Knowingly Hires Illegals
2008/06/10   Judge Removed From Office For Phone Rage
2008/06/05   Black Public Defenders Sue Atlanta
2008/05/15   9th Circuit Halts Logging In Sierra Nevada Forest
2008/05/15   Supreme Court rules magistrates may preside
2008/04/25   Makers of Paxil, Zoloft Win
2008/04/21   Paper Wins Dismissal Of Libel Suit
2008/04/16   Court Won't Hear Young Killer's Appeal
2008/04/08   9th Circuit Declines Serial ADA Plaintiff's Appeal
2008/04/04   Ohio Settles Lawsuit Over Youth Prisons
2008/03/25   9th Circuit: County Can't Use RICO
2008/03/20   Man Pleads Guilty After Verdict Tossed
2008/03/18   Court Rules in Favor of Wash. Primary
2008/03/11   Miami appraiser pleads guilty to fraud scheme
2008/03/07   US court dismisses suit on Barr's Plan B pill
2008/03/06   Judge Rejects Murtha Deposition Request
2008/03/05   District judge given probation in gun incident
2008/03/05   Supreme Court to Release Same-Day Tapes
2008/03/05   Ex-Westar execs want charges dismissed
2008/03/04   Judge won't dismiss charges against Haditha commander
2008/03/03   N.Y. man guilty of killing family, burning home
2008/03/03   Venezuelan pleads guilty in suitcase scandal
2008/03/03   Kid Rock Pleads Not Guilty to Battery
2008/03/03   Court Leaves Diabetes Drug Case Intact
2008/03/01   Court Looks At Internet Limits
2008/03/01   Law firm violated debt collection statute, federal suit alleges
2008/02/08   U.S. Appeals Court sets deadlines in Peel case

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Trademark Infringement
Trademark Clearance Search and Selection
Filing and Registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including Intent to Use and Use in Commerce applications
Filing and Registration with the California Secretary of State
Canada, Madrid Protocol & Foreign Filings
Prosecution and Maintenance of Trademark Applications and Registrations.
Structuring Licensing, Development and Distribution Agreements
Trademark and Brand Strategy
Fair use advice
Trademark Advertising Counseling

If you need assistance with clearance searches, trademark applications, portfolio management, and enforcement and protection through litigation or other dispute resolution mechanisms.

What is Dental Malpractice?
Court News | 2021/07/21 10:55
Dental malpractice occurs when the treatment provided by dental health care professionals falls below the acceptable standard of care causing serious personal injuries. Like other areas of professional malpractice, dental malpractice is a form of negligence. Dentists are usually working hard to make sure that their patients are well cared for, but there are far too many mistakes that could have been prevented. In fact, it has been estimated that 1 out of every 7 medical malpractice cases directly involves a dental malpractice issue.

A dental healthcare provider is not negligent simply because the intended result was not achieved or because the procedure resulted in an injury. It needs to be shown that the provider actually acted negligently under the circumstances. In a dental malpractice claim, it must be shown that the dental provider fell below what is called “the standard of care.” That is to say, the dental provider failed to act as a reasonable and prudent dental healthcare provider would under the circumstances. In court, this can only be proven through the testimony of dental or medical experts – other providers who do the same or similar procedures.

New York Dental Malpractice Attorney, Jordan R. Pine

Do you suspect that a dentist caused you or a loved one injury that could have been prevented or never should have happened? Wondering if it may have been a case of dental malpractice? Before determining whether your dental malpractice claim is valid, if you live anywhere in the State of New York, you should consult with my firm. As both a dental malpractice lawyer and a licensed dentist, using my unique combinations of backgrounds, I can help determine if your injuries were caused by dental malpractice and if your damages warrant the filing of a dental malpractice suit. You have the right to seek fair and full compensation for your present and future dental/medical expenses, diminished quality of life, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

San Bernardino, California Criminal Defense Lawyers
Court News | 2021/07/20 10:32
At Bullard & Powell, we believe that every criminal case, just like the person being charged, is unique.

To that end, we do not view our cases as simply files to be worked on, but view them from the perspective of our clients.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible result, with the highest level of service.

We view it as our responsibility to ease the stressful burden that comes with being accused of a crime.

We believe in personal, honest, one-on-one relationships with our clients. We only know one way to practice criminal defense and that is to treat every client as if they were our own family.

We handle a wide range of matters from DUI to white-collar crimes. San Bernardino Criminal Defense Law Firm. Each client can expect that any advice that is given and the service that is provided, would be the same advice and service that we would provide to our own family.

New York Dental Malpractice Attorney - Jordan R. Pine
Court News | 2021/07/16 12:24
The law firm of Jordan R. Pine & Associates is exclusively dedicated to representing clients in dental malpractice lawsuits in New York State.

We have been involved with over 1,000 dental malpractice cases and have the expertise, resources, and passion to handle claims in this highly specific area. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

If you believe you have been injured as a result of substandard or unnecessary dental care, contact Jordan R. Pine & Associates as soon as possible so your rights can be protected. A New York Dental Malpractice attorney can help you recover the damages you are entitled to.

Jordan R. Pine. Attorney at Law and Dentist

He knows all the ins and outs, and twists and turns, in dental malpractice litigation. These experiences along with his being a licensed dentist provide what we believe to be a unique perspective, which you may not find in another attorney in New York State.

Jordan R. Pine has always advocated a strong standard of care, increased Dr. / patient communication, good record keeping and that dentists keep up with dental technology advances. He believes that putting his expertise and passion to work for you and fighting to get you the compensation you deserve will help accomplish this.

Nepal’s Supreme Court reinstates dissolved lower house
Court News | 2021/07/12 10:11
Nepal’s Supreme Court reinstated the House of Representatives on Monday and upheld the leader of the opposition’s claim to be the new prime minister.

The 167-page court order removes Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli, who had been running a caretaker government until planned elections.

In May, Oli directed the president to dissolve the House of Representatives, Parliament’s lower house, and announce new elections later this year. The decision was challenged in the Supreme Court by a coalition of opposition parties that said they had the support of a majority in Parliament to form a new government.

The Supreme Court also ruled Monday that the reinstated House of Representatives should meet within a week, when the leader of the main opposition party, Sher Bahadur Deuba, is expected to call a vote of confidence.

There was no immediate comment from Oli’s office or his aides.

Hundreds of Oli’s supporters gathered outside the Supreme Court to oppose the court decision.

“We are here to protest the unconstitutional decision by the Supreme Court, which was interfering with the affairs of the Parliament and its rights,” said one of the protesters, Ramesh Acharya.

The protesters briefly scuffled with riot police who were able to push them back. There were no injuries or arrests.

More protests are likely later in the week because Oli still has significant support among the public.

It is the second time the Supreme Court has reinstated the House of Representatives this year after it was dissolved by Oli.

He had the House of Representatives dissolved in December and called for new elections in April, but that was rejected by the Supreme Court and the lower house was reinstated in February. Oli again had the president dissolve the House of Representatives in May with elections planned for November.

Oli became prime minister in 2018 after the Communist Party of Nepal won a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. The party, however, has had two splits this year, weakening Oli’s hold on power.

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